Chloé Techoueyres

Multidisciplinary designer and artist working in Berlin. Currently Design Director at HIGHSNOBIETY, previously at CALVIN KLEIN. Past clients include Office Magazine, Nike, Chandelier Creative, and Whooden Collective.

2021 ––
  1. HS Berlin, Berlin 
  2. Fruits of Our Labor 

2020 ––
  1. Inner Life
  2. HS Not in Paris 
  4. Nike Adapt
  5. Misc. Editorial 

2019 ––
  1. HS x Bauhaus-Archiv 
  2. Selfridges Co. Lab
  3. Calvin Klein 205W39NYC
  4. Calvin Klein Textiles
  5. Office Magazine 

2018 ––
  1. CK Calvin Klein 
  2. CK The Broken Arm Paris
  3. Calvin Klein Packaging
  4. Post-Privacy
  5. Making Time

2017 ––
  1. Office Magazine 
  2. Poster A Day
  3. More than Three Sides
  4. IRIS
  5. Ettore Sottsas x Met Breuer


      6. Post-Privacy

  1. A project exploring the widespread availability and exploitability of personal information online. Randomly selected individuals had their public information re-purposed into posters, t-shirts, and a comprehensive booklet of the information. These objects were then sent to the individuals along with information about internet privacy in the modern age.